7.25 Submitted to the portal

2014-10-29 14:56:49 by BoxWizard

With Halloween so close to the 2014 Elections, I decided I'll submit something I find scary. I'm sorry if my sense of humor continually comes off as blue-balling, I'll promise to submit an actual game eventually. 7.25 is another anti-game as a part of my thesis for college.

I'll go more into detail someday, but if you want to see more, my facebook page is acting as an archive as well as my temporary web-site via google drive. I hope you enjoy




It's almost like tricking people into wasting their time pisses them off, but then why is it so lucrative? Play Idiot Box here!

Thanks to everyone who voted, and your comments are being read and appreciated.

I'm glad people love my game so much